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Equipped with the latest research and analysis tools, our in-house media buying team will work with you to buy media across various channels based on your marketing objectives.

Whether you are an industry leading brand or an emerging startup, our media planners can help you achieve better results by meticulously planning every step of a marketing campaign.
Setting Your Brand Apart. Achieving Significant Improvements in Customer Engagement, Loyalty, and Revenue Growth
Drive success for performance campaigns through programmatic advertising powered by our in-house AI technology, the Ad-Zilla.

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All Advertising Solutions at one place

Frequently Asked Questions

The payment terms vary depending on the campaign model and the solution you choose. After conducting a standard credit check, we accept payments on NET 15 and NET 30 basis.

Based on your end goals, we work on a number of different models such as Cost Per Install, Cost Per Action, Cost per Click etc.

Yes. We believe in making the campaign management as easy and hassle-free for our clients as possible. Once a campaign is initiated, we take care of everything from optimisation to analytics and reporting. A dedicated Customer Success Specialist is assigned to every client to help them every step of the way.

We incorporate an omni channel approach for ad promotion which means that we leverage all possible channels ranging from Social to OEMs to promote ads. This strategy is based on gathering as much user data as possible to effectively increase conversion rates for your campaign.

Yes. We take pride in our expertise in promoting betting and I-Gaming offers. Our specialised I-Gaming Plus solution gives you access to our premium inventory which helps you target the most relevant users for I-Gaming offers.