Media Buying

Equipped with the latest research and analysis tools, our in-house media buying team will work with you to buy media across various channels based on your marketing objectives.

Programmatic Advertisement

Drive success for performance campaigns through programmatic advertising powered by our in-house AI technology, the Ad-Zilla.

Media Planning

Whether you are an industry leading brand or an emerging startup, our media planners can help you achieve better results by meticulously planning every step of a marketing campaign.


Chinar Libertas is now powered by Ad-zilla.

Ad-Zilla is an AI monster that can access millions of data touchpoints to find the most relevant users for your app. This in-house technology from Chinar Libertas displays publisher recommendations from hundreds of publishers integrated within our network based on predictive analytics and behaviour-driven AI technology according to the mobile user’s daily journey, thus improving engagement, relevancy and business goals.

For Publishers

Leverage our network to access endless demand and grow your business