Media Buying

Equipped with the latest research and analysis tools, our in-house media buying team will work with you to buy media across various channels based on your marketing objectives.

Media Buying Partners

Stand Apart from the Crowd


5%Increase in Disbursals


95%+Registration Rate


50%More ITD than Organic


50%Increase in CVR


15%Increase in IAP


8.7%Higher Clicks to D0 Purchase

Powered by Latest Research and Analysis Tools

At Chinar Libertas, we understand the critical role media buying plays in achieving your marketing goals. That’s why we have invested in the latest research and analysis tools to equip our in-house media buying team with the knowledge and resources they need to deliver results. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific marketing objectives, and based on that, will expertly plan and execute media buying strategies across various channels.

Brand Safety and Suitability

Chinar Libertas emporwers advertisers with services that ensure both a brand safe and brand suitable environment. Our in-house media buying team works diligently to ensure that your app is promoted only on trusted platforms and is never rebrokered.

Behavioural and Interest Targeting

Our technology enables advertisers to target consumers based on their interests, location, age, income level, and a variety of other parameters. Our targeting capabilities ensure that you target the right consumer with the right creative, at the right time.